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The Assam Kaziranga University

Mandatory Disclosure

S.No. File Name Download
1 UGC Application Form  
  UGC Application Form Download
2 List of Enclosure  
  Scanned Copy of Advertisement Download
  Year wise Publication List Download
  List of Hard copy Journals Download
  Assam Gazette Download
  Assam Govt Approval LOI Download
  UGC Recognition Letter Download
3 Appendix List  
  Appendix-1 Download
  Appendix-2 Download
  Appendix-3 Download
  Appendix-4 Download
  Appendix-5 Download
  Appendix-6 Download
  Appendix-7 Download
  Appendix-8 Download
  Appendix-9 Download
  Appendix-10 Download
  Appendix-11 Download
  Appendix-12 Download
  Appendix-13 Download
  Appendix-14 Download
  Appendix-15 Download
  Appendix-16 Download
  Appendix-17 Download
  Appendix-19 Download