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The Assam Kaziranga University


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In order to put up the innovation culture and involve the students in experiential learning the selected B. Tech. projects will be awarded.


IPR, Market potential, Originality and innovativeness, societal impact and Usefulness to TAKU.


Along with certificate of appreciation and medal at the time of convocation by VC

  • Five prizes of Rs. 5,000/- each


The abstract of project along with 5 minutes video must be submitted to the DEAN office by the students.


To be submitted to DEAN Office before last date (February) along with abstract of project and 5 minutes video.


By the internal committee of 3 members nominated by DEAN.


To be done by 3 external independent outside experts in the area of project nominated by DEAN. (March)


After getting result from external expert the award is announced and be given at the time of convocation by VC every year.

If no project is found suitable, the award for that year may be treated as null.


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Team Tejas, the team from The Assam Kaziranga University. Wait? Probably the first team from North East to take part in Electric Solar Vehicle Challenge (ESVC). Sounds like a dream surrounded by nightmare but that is how a dream start (Hope with sprinkles of doubt). What is ESVC? ESVC is not just a fancy Motorsport event. It is a mission to promote the awareness and skill about E-Mobility and Solar Energy among youth.

Team Tejas hailing from The Assam Kaziranga University Assam is probably one of the very first team to take part in 6th season i.e. ESVC2019.

The team consists of 25 students from TAKU School of engineering and mentored by faculty.
Members of this dream team are-

  • Bikash Mishra (ME 5th Sem)
  • Pankaj Borah (ME 5th Sem)
  • Kapil Sharma (ME 5th Sem)
  • Rahul Das (ME 5th Sem)
  • Dhrubajyoti Baruah (ME 5th Sem)
  • Nitish Kumar Borah (ME 5th Sem)
  • Suruj Saikia (ME 5th Sem)
  • Polakh Dutta (ME 5th Sem)
  • Himangshu Bordoloi (ME 5th Sem)
  • Shubham Kumar Rathod (ME 5th Sem)
  • Mriganka Saikia (ME 5th Sem)
  • Bedanta Gogoi (ME 5th Sem)
  • Anurag Anabodya Neog (ME 5th Sem)
  • Hridoy Kamal Saikia (ME 3rd Sem)
  • Dipu Patgiri (ME 3rd Sem)
  • Chandan Boruah (ME 3rd Sem)
  • Porag Chutia (ME 5th Sem)
  • Dibakash Hati Boruah (ME 5th Sem)
  • Partha Pratim Gogoi (ME 5th Sem)
  • Prankalpa Kalita (ME 5th Sem)
  • Chinmoy Gogoi (ME 5th Sem)
  • Barbie Das (ME 3rd Sem)
  • Debanga Bora (ME 3rd Sem)
  • Parash Prasurjya Gogoi (ME 3rd Sem)
  • Prasenjit Deka (ME 3rd Sem)

What we are making is not just a piece of metal and mechanism assembled together it’s an art blended together from different brush strokes from scratch. This revolution will be a new era of gateway for all the engineering students of this region.