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The Assam Kaziranga University

Strategic Plan

Ever since its inception as a modest institute. The Assam Kaziranga University has been making steady progress in higher education, mainly in the area of Basic Sciences, Social Sciences engineering and technology and management. It has been recognized as a State Private University since the year 2012. It has been steadily scaling up its activities in a number of areas.

The University has initiated a number of programmes with changing times and recruited well- trained faculty, and also has been consistently improving the status of the existing faculty to train the future generation of students. The Assam Kaziranga University has been mainly focusing on 7 areas; viz. ,

  • to train younger generation of students to serve both at national and state level
  • carry out path breaking scientific research and develop cutting edge technologies
  • initiate socially relevant projects
  • transfer these technologies and services to industries and appropriate organization
  • carry out extension activities
  • Applied research of national It will further strengthen its efforts in these areas to realize the vision and mission.

    KU as a centre of higher learning, envisages itself to be a living and learning community comprised of students, scholars and professionals. Such an ambience should provide all the "inmates" (especially the students) with holistic and wide- ranging education that encompasses knowledge gained from within and outside the classroom. Such an ambience should facilitate students' aspirations for high intellectual and professional achievements, maintain and uphold high ethical and moral standards. The university helps the students to develop lifelong habits for physical, mental and social health, and cultivate their appreciation for arts, humanities and the environment. This exercise should always be entrained with instilling a sense of commitment and devotion to serving the society and the humanity at large. Keeping these in mind, KU offers diverse resources for the mind, body and soul, and enough flexibility for students to explore them in their own distinctive way.

    By incorporating inquiry-based learning, KU is facilitating an educational environment that emphasizes asking questions, exploring ideas, and carrying out independent research. This approach enables students to refine their critical thinking skills, challenge assumptions, and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

    Consequently, KU's academic atmosphere is designed to cultivate curious, independent thinkers who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to excel in their fields and make meaningful contributions to society. To achieve this goal, the excellent infrastructure will add to the students' confidence a competency levels. In all these endeavors, the students would always be ably assisted experienced and qualified faculty. For KU, it is a matter of top priority that the faculty shot profusely interact with the students with a view to help them generate novel ideas, which in it could be expressed through their projects. Further, it is nothing uncommon that KU receive faculty members from eminent institutes as visiting Professors - some of them stay here for semester - which in turn provides the students with ample opportunities to interact with them.

    Beside the curricular activities, the students are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular "Club activities" Participating in club activities provides a chance for students to interact with their peers in a meaningful and engaging way. Being part of a student club allows students to share their interests and passions with others who have similar interests, and learn from each other in a supportive and collaborative environment.

    In a nutshell, promotion of original thinking, coupled with exposure to excellent infrastructure and knowledgeable people, has remarkably carved a pathway for the students to attain not or the best possible scholastic experience and skills needed for employment, but also perform world class citizens.

    Action Points

    KU will continue to practice high ethical and moral standards in all aspects by exposing the students to excellent opportunities. Creating KU's academic atmosphere in such a way as encourage the students to take the creativity in inquiry-based active learning to Include more research and activity -cum-experience - based learning ambience than the conventional class room teaching/learning system. The university shall ensure that the students would always be ably assisted by experienced and qualified faculty members who would profusely interact with them in every aspects of academic and extra-curricular activities. KU consistently works towards attracting quality faculty members who did PhDs from NITs, IITs, and other reputed universities of various part of the country from extreme south to north and from east to west. The faculty members are provided in-campus accommodation to ensure that they are available for the students for 24 X 7. This   improves academic ambience of excellence in the institute and lead the community towards genesis of novel idea a trans-disciplinary manner.


    The academic curriculum aims to attract the best students from all over North-east and also from over India. It offers them an inspiring educational experience, supported by excellent infrastructure, blended with state-of-the-art curriculum. The curriculum of various programmes has been designed in such a way it can afford the incumbent with opportunities to harness their life skills towards holistic personality development and make this serve the society and the humanity at large.

    KU’s Strategic Plan for curriculum, teaching and learning is that It is intended to explore new possibilities for having better curriculum, teaching and learning methods, and achieve better visibility and recognition at national and global market. Keeping these in view, the university has initiated new courses and programmes in emerging areas which will attract not only local students but also the students from national and global market.

    Action Points

    Regular feedback from students, alumni, industry experts, faculty members for curriculum development is done to enhance the curriculum that will help to attract national and international students. The university will promote academic programs that address futuristic needs of industries and economy development of the country by involving experts from various fields. The institution focuses on student's creative activities, national and global exposure, internships at the institutions and industries of national and global repute, entrepreneurship, leaders and community service, creation of new laboratories and centers of excellence (COE) with industries in strategic areas, Interactive class rooms for effective learning. Also, the faculty members shall be encouraged to be engaged obtaining project grants for modernizing and expanding the laboratories keeping in mind the continuous developments, and changes and advances in academic requirements at par with industry. Moreover, the students are engaged in various academic and non-academic activities in order to develop them holistically with employability/ entrepreneurship/ skill sets.


    Dedicated to fundamental and transnational research, the university encourages students and faculty members to undertake quality research activities. KU, being the research intensive institution, maintains a clear research focus by networking with other reputed institutions, industries and business organizations through various collaborations. In the pursuit of excellence in education, KU considers research as the central theme and mobilizes the available knowledge resources. The Strategic Plan for research visualizes nurturing and encouraging the faculty members to engage into transformational and transnational research in order to address the societal challenges confronted by the country in various pertinent domains. Since its initiation, KU is steadfast in encompassing its powerful research output to benefit the society and create economic prosperity, converting discoveries into publications, patents, products and services. Breakthrough research, patenting, industrial collaboration, business incubation and collaboration represents KU's research innovation system. The university inspires the faculty by providing seed funds to kick start their research ideas to be converted into products and publications. Relevant research skills and aptitude can be developed in the faculty community through imparting training including workshops and seminars. KU engages its students in extension and outreach programs to sensitize them to develop social values, responsibilities, and knowledge in societal problems.

    Action Points

    The KU nurtures an inter/multi-disciplinary/trans-disciplinary and applied research culture and to convert the research into products and services that will impact communities in the North Eastern part on India and to see the upsurge in the number of research-active faculty members and to improve research impact through collaborative and innovative partnerships that offer multi-faceted solutions to intricate problems. Several actions are intended to be implemented to promote research and innovation at KU. Some of the actions are: Emphasize publication quality in the evaluation process of staff research performance; Develop an incentive scheme for publications in high impact factor journals and to attend and participate in global research conferences; Promote aspiring researchers by supporting their research environment; Recognize and exploit new avenues and core research areas of global precedence to pump in research grants from various sources; Reinforce university-wide capability for transnational research, technology transfer and economic development; Increase opportunities for under graduate and post graduate student participation in research; Organize workshops and seminars to enhance research skill in students and faculty fraternity; Conduct extension and outreach programs.


    KU has created research Centre which are fully functional in various disciplines in Science, Engineering and Technology, Management, Health Sciences, Basic Sciences and Pharmacy . These Centers have been focusing on 3 broad categories likely:-

    • Fundamental research, characterized by basic research as evidenced by high quality publications and its
    • Transnational research, measured by products, services, patents and technology
    • Research of social relevance, which impacts society directly in terms of environment friendly technologies including safe drinking water, sanitation, organic farming, clean energy (solar energy, green fuels etc), disaster management and mitigation. These Centers have recruited best faculty members who were trained from prestigious national and international institutes to promote research leading to products and services which will cater to the human needs and industrial needs of our country. Specifically, KU has well established Research Centers focusing on Precision Agriculture, Clean energy, latest developments in computer sciences, robotics, including artificial intelligence and data analytics. KU will further strengthen the existing Centers by modernizing the infrastructure to promote both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research. KU will also enhance collaborative research efforts with both national and international educational and research institutes, industries of various disciplines to achieve the targeted goals. In addition, it will also establish good platform for the extension of socially relevant research which will have direct impact in the society. Importantly, it will focus on developing well trained younger generation of our country to serve in the knowledge driven economy.

    Action Points

    KU will take the lead to improve country’s economy through innovation in agriculture. Use of IT in different fields. KU will focus on breakthrough research and innovations in cyber physical systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, cyber security, cloud computing, IoT, smart cities, life sciences, energy, electric vehicle, fuel cells, manufacturing, wearable technology, waste management, Pharmaceuticals and other thrust areas of the country. Transforming science into applied science research· Increasing collaborations with top institutes of India and abroad. Establish new research centers in strategic areas. Attracting international funds in strategic areas, e.g technological solutions of regional and national problems.


    However, KU has a plan to escalate the number to reach among the top universities of the world. KU is planning to reach 5% international students and 2% international faculty members by the next 5 years. KU aims to be one of the best centers for learning for international students in near future. Some of the strategies like courses for other country needs specially the 3rd world countries , increasing scholarship for foreign PhD, quality education at affordable price to attract 3rd world and 2nd world countries, more arts and humanities courses, adding India centric courses like Indian philosophy, yoga, Indian medicine, Indian arts and culture, Indian music, attracting knowledge seekers of any age of any country through these courses.

    Action Points

    KU has MoU with more than 3 foreign universities and the number is expected to increase further. KU is planning to recruit more foreign faculty. Also KU is creating a right ambience for them to work and reach the targeted output. Making all the MoUs functional is another target for KU.