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The Assam Kaziranga University
Dr. Karthik Kovuri

Dr. Karthik Kovuri

Professor & Dean, SET & SCS

Email - karthik@kzu.ac.in

Academic Qualification


Worked at

Career Highlights & Awards:

Areas of interest:

Computer Networks, Algorithms, Cloud Computing, IoT, Blockchain, Ubiquitous Computing and Quantum Computing.

Publication and Books

Journal Publications:

Conference Publications:

Book Chapter:


From Coursera

From Microsoft

From Cognitiveclass.ai

1. "Introduction to Cloud Identity"    

1. "Engaging 21st Century Learners: Leveraging Squigl to Improve Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes"

1. Cognitiveclass.ai certification on "Introduction to Cloud" CC0101EN provided by IBMDeveloperSkillsNetwork

2. "Design Thinking for the greater good: Innovation in the social sector"

2. "Digital Citizenship" 

2. "Cloud Core" Badge with Credential Id: 75d85747-586e-47c7-a16a-111fa2108e9a

3. "Create your first Python Project"

3. "How to Infuse Computational Thinking in your Teaching with Maker Challenges"

3. Cognitiveclass.ai certification on "Blockchain Essentials" BC0101EN provided by IBMDeveloperSkillsNetwork

4. "Computer Vision - Image basics with Open CV and Python"

4. "Computational Thinking and its importance in Education"

4. "IBM Blockchain Essentials V2" Badge with Credential Id: 75d85747-586e-47c7-a16a-111fa2108e9a

5. "Create your first Chat Bot with Rasa and Python"

5. "21st Century Learning Design (21CLD)"


6. "Introduction to Project Management"

6. "Accessibility, Special Education, and online learning: Supporting equity in a remote learning environment"  

 From Alison Education

1. "Protect Yourself from Identity Theft - Revised" from Alison Education Management with Credential Id: 1864-15838611

7. "Building digital media using graphic design in Google Slides"

7. "Collaborate faster using Microsoft Teams for higher education staff" Certification 


8. "Building a Text Based Bank in Java"

8. "Deploying Cloud Ready Classroom PC's"


9. "Create Customer Support Data with Google Sheets"

9. "Empower every student with an inclusive classroom"


10. "Basic Image Classification with Tensorflow"

10. "Leading Schools of 2030"


11. "Linear Regression with Python"

 11. “Independent learning with math tools in Onenote”


12. "Building basic Relational Database in SQL Server Management Studio"

 12. “Windows 10: Create a world of tomorrow in your Classroom”


13. “Image Compression with K-Means Clustering”

13. “21st Century Learning Design: Course6 – Real world Problem solving and Innovation”


14. “Video Basics with OpenCV and Python”

14. “Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator”


15. “Graphing with ggplot2”

15. “Microsoft Educator Community” Member


16.“Regression with Automatic Differentiation in Tensorflow”



17.“Build a Relative Layout App in Android Studio”



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